No Shots, Many Squats Campaign:

New Package Through July 4th Weekend:

1) Just Yoga or Just Bootcamps ($75).
No make up days.

2) Just Yoga and Bootcamps ($100).
No make up days.

3) Just Yoga and Bootcamps Deluxe ($200).
Make up days will be small group session.

4) Just Yoga and Bootcamps Celebrity ($250).
Same as Deluxe plus you receive one private session a month.


POSSE Transformations

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What My Clients Say…

What can !say about King James and Bmorefitbody. One word…’AMAZING’. That is how I fool and look since I have worked out under the great personal training by James for the past 8 months. I stalled this venture with one thing in mind and that was to lose weight within two months…

At age 62 I am more fit and stronger than I have been in a long time. James guided me through a transformation that I never dreamed was possible. He has a vision for me, and all of his clients, that exceeded my own. He knows his business–nutrition and fitness–and he shares the science…

I was a 16 year old 336 pound teenager when I met Mr. James. I was nervous to meet and train with him. But after meeting him I felt like maybe I could do this. I felt like I could touch the sky when I hit the 299 lbs. weigh in. James…

I started the process with James Lewis at Bmore Fit Body because I had tried practically everything on my own only getting minimum results and then gaining the weight back. I was frustrated with the slow process of doing it on my own and did not want to turn back to my old habits….

When I first started with James, I was 340 lbs. my doctor had just diagnosed me with diabetes and put me on the insulin pill. One (1) month after working out with James my doctor removed me off the pill and to this day I have not returned. I have often told James he…

James is one of the most committed trainers you will ever have. Ile is committed to making a life change for you. He is dedicated to his motto. “be fit, healthy, and strong”. He shows you how to accomplish this through healthy eating and workouts that carefully work all your muscles and…